FUF's preparing applying TS16949

Vertical-Horizonal Harness Sealing

FUF's cooperating with the leading wire harness company for developing new wire harness molds 


FUF Tooling are based on the “People-oriented, Quality basis, Technology innovation, Continuous improvement and customer service” quality principle. 

Our factory has obtain ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate in July ,2007, Also strictly implement it and keep total quality control and also put emphasis upon problem prevention.


We only cooperate with qualified suppliers, Source mould base and mold materials from LKM, AASAB, THYSSEN and DAIDO; Hot runner system from YUDO, MOLD-MASTER, DME, HASKY, INCOE, SYNVENTIVE, EWIKON. We use international stanard component, from LKM, DAIDO, PUNCH, HASCO, DME, RABOURDIN, and STAUBLI, PROGRESSIVE PROGRESSIVE each component carefully to ensure all specifications meet customer’s requirements.

We assure the product’s quality and performance through many different procedures provided by our quality system as following:

>>All measuring inspection equipment was calibrated in FUF Tooling.

a)《Electric inspection report》

b)《Standard component check report》(Such as: Ejector pin ,sleeve guide pin an d bushing,Angular lifter, plug and cooling connector Etc.)

c)《 Steel inspection report》 (We need to check critica dimension in the processing)

d)《FAI Report (First article inspection report)》

e)《CPK check report》 (Capability process index)

f)《MSA Measuring system analysis》

g)《PPAP report 》(We can provide this report if the customers must to submit.)

h)《 Parts Quality Criteria》 

I)《Moulding parameter seting up report》.

j)《Mould base check report》.

k)《material certificat》

l)《Heat treating certification report》

m)《Tooling Evaluation and approved report》( before mould was shipped out, We have to send it to customer for confirming)

n) 《mould packaging checking list》

n)《Tooling quality feed back report》.

0)《Corrective and preventive action report》

We strongly believe that cost can be saved by better preparing at design stage instead of rushing into production then make mistakes later. For example, we supply feasibility study for all tools upon order receiving, to help customers optimize parts design. Also we have tool life time warranty

We supply local maintenance and try out facilities by working with local tool rooms in USA, UK and Germany.