FUF's preparing applying TS16949

Vertical-Horizonal Harness Sealing

FUF's cooperating with the leading wire harness company for developing new wire harness molds 

Only everlasting design innovation can make an enterprise develop continuously, only by offering more and more good new products can make an enterprise broaden its market. A quality mold design is the first step to perfect the mold performance, increased mold life, reduced cycle times & lower down the cost.

Committed to continuous improvement, FUF’s more than 10 highly skilled design engineers with fully oversea mold design experience typically participate in the part design as well as taking full responsibility for the mold design. Using the latest software to select the reasonable material, cooling channel & moving mechanism etc for mold to ensure that  the highest quality parts can be delivered from its mould at the minimum cycle time.

FUF is not only proficient in the plastic mold manufacture but also do well in thermosetting mould products((BMC,SMC,Bakelite Material). We have sufficient experience in designing hot runner mould, unscrewing mold etc.

You'll like working with FUF Tooling. Our designers are highly experienced with a dedicated interest to the customers needs. We understand the demands of today's high production tooling requirements.