FUF's preparing applying TS16949

Vertical-Horizonal Harness Sealing

FUF's cooperating with the leading wire harness company for developing new wire harness molds 

FUF Tooling was founded to supply plastic injection molds to the growing plastics industry, and now, has grown into a full-service plastic parts and assemble company. But, we remain strongly committed to our roots and understand that the success of any project hinges first and foremost on the mold. A good functional molds can saves more than we can imagine.

Through our internal network, FUF will first learn customers’ geometry files and feedback our suggestion to optimize the structure. And then convert it into the optimum mold design utilizing UG, Pro-E, SolidWorks, and CATIA etc. From this early, critical point in the project, we are able to employ the in house Mold Flow Analysis to ensure precise gate design, warpage & coolings etc. Once the design has been completed and only after approved by customer, we can begin the manufacturing. During manufacturing, the after machining inspection (such as electrode inspection, inspection after CNC, after EDM) applied to each step to make sure that only the right dimension components can be used to next step. 

Our extensive In-House Tool Room capabilities include High Speed CNC, mirror EDM precision wire cuttings etc, all run with well factory-trained technicians. Completing the process, our experienced master mold makers assemble and fit these components into a full-scale production mold. Equally critical to long-term success is the preventative maintenance of a production tool by trained mold makers & and each step inspection. Through all these ways, we offer the good performance molds to our customer at the short lead-time & competitive price. The full process (from Part Feasibility till after sales service) is led by our professional project engineers.

Depending upon customers' requirements, our In-House Tool Room can produce a wide variety of precision molds — from prototype and pre-production tools, to single and multi-cavity, high and low volume, and hot and cold runner production applications. Bottom-line is always to meet or exceed your need for injection molds. Main field is for mid-size up-to 2000*1600 molds & small precision molds such as terminal molds

At FUF Tooling, we care your needs and transfer your ideas & design into reality.